endless endeavor

I'm Lorie. Generally speaking, I like to make things.

Cognitive Dissonance and Reduction

Writing an essay in the elevator

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Cut it Down 
Spring 2011 



photoIn search of nothing

Model: Kaitlin
Photographer: Lorie 

I want to feel the pain and numb it.
know it’s there
know it hurts
feel it when I feel nothing
feel it when I feel nothing
"it’s nothing." 

People are my tie to reality, and though I am a person, I am not.
Loose knots, I like loose knots.

the most visceral reaction is misplaced in any language.
mad from the thought of lunacy
angry at rage
crying for tears
Reflection of the stimuli
Refraction of the splinter


Scratching out a bruise will engrain the wound that leaves a scar, or heal it sooner.

Where Was I supposed to be again?
Time Moves On 

Choices within a series of circumstances pave the road beneath man’s feet in regards to possibility, achievement and consequence.
Time engraves and diminishes these roads like boulders revealed from tips of stones and footprints washed away by the tide.
Perhaps there is no meaning without memory; Importance is defined in the moment of it’s existence and then later in it’s relevance.